In need of quick money but don’t want to deal with a complicated bank loan or Payday Loan?
Then it's time to visit Ace Buyers to get a Trade Transaction for CASH!

How Does a Trade Work?

Trade Transactions is a short term collateral exchange between you and Ace Buyers for 30 days.  You are offering your value as a trade offer in exchange for cash. This cash is offered against your personal property. Your item is stored safely at the store until you redeem it. If you fail to return and pay back the cash, plus fee associated, Ace Buyers will simply keep your item and you are relieved of any payment.

Terms are all outlined and agreed upon, prior to the trade, you must be 18 years or older.

How Long Does a Trade Transaction Take?

It is really simple & quick!  You bring us in your item you want to trade, we do an on the spot appraisal.  Depending on your item, you could be done within 15 minutes.  Walking out with cash in hand.


You can SELL or TRADE any items of value, from gold, silver and diamond jewelry, coins & bullion, precious gemstones, luxury watches, power tools, musical instruments, electronics, designer handbags and anything under the sun that holds some monetary worth.
An individual must be 18 years old to be able to SELL OR TRADE.

Consignment Store Near Me! 

Ace Buyers is a second-hand store, and is more often called or commonly known as a pawnshop, However, we are not a pawnshop by legal terms.

We do function very similar to a pawnshop but have key differences. No matter what you want to label our store, we are subject to many State, Federal and local laws. State and local authorities strictly regulate all aspects associated with Ace Buyer  Trade Transactions.

Trade Transactions at a second-hand store or re-sale store offers customers the option of bringing in their valuable item and trading that item for cash, for a 30 day period, subject to a fee.  

Each trade is subject to a fee depending on the dollar amount requested.  All of this is outlined in a contract that you will review prior to trading. 

After the 30 days, you come back for your item and bring with you the money you borrowed and the associated fee your contract outlined. 

Or you can choose not to repay back the trade, by keeping the cash and Ace Buyers will then keep your item as payment for the cash borrowed. 

This TRADE transaction is an easy and fast way for you to secure a cash-out without a credit check or fearing future legal action if you are unable to pay back the trade.  

In summary, by putting up objects of value as collateral, Ace Buyers is able to lend money and offer cash in exchange, plus a fee on your valuables.

Trade Transactions For Fast Cash!

No matter what you call it, Ace Buyer is dedicated to helping you get the result you are looking for and that is CASH! 

By offering you a trade transation, we can help you skip the hassle of the bank, credit check or legal actions of a payday loan.

Collateral, Interest, and Term Rates Vary. 

We’re proud to be a BriteCo Jeweler Partner, delivering expert appraisals to our customers. 

BriteCo Jeweler Partner

Additionally, BriteCo offers immediate insurance coverage in-store! BriteCo policies cover 125% of replacement value, with no deductibles, from an AM Best A-rated carrier.