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If you’re looking for great deals, you’ll love shopping at Ace Buyers. We offer unbeatable prices on pre-owned items. We have a huge selection of jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, luxury watches, firearms, hunting equipment, power tools, and much more!

At Ace Buyers, you can buy like-new merchandise at 1/3rd or even half the price or less than retail or Amazon Prime for that matter. 

Whether you might be looking for a flat screen,  tablet, new gadget, firearm, hunting bow, or musical equipment, the fact remains purchasing retail can be expensive and leave you displeased.  Why pay full price when upgrading comes so quickly.  Instead of paying the retail price tag, you must stop into Ace Buyers and view our wide selection of merchandise for sale first. 

Jewelry , Gold, Platinum 

Buying preordained jewelry at Ace Buyers is the best place and way to invest in your next item. 

Ace Buyers is Northern Michigan’s favorite place to buy and sell jewelry. Because we are known for our top dollar buying and low item sales we have a never-ending selection of diamonds, gold, platinum, and other precious stone jewelry. 

This inventory changes drastically from week to week allowing us to keep our selling prices for you as low as possible!

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Name Brand Power Tools 

Stop paying top dollar at the retail store or maxing out a credit card. 

Buying used, or second-hand power tools are something that never goes out of style. 

One thing that we pride ourselves on is the wide range and variety of in-stock, quality, tested, pre-owned power tools.  From professional-grade mechanic tools to a wide variety of professional carpentry and woodworking tools.

Get great deals today, come on in and check out our merchandise for a fraction of retail price.  

PC, Ipad, Smart Phones

Ready for that upgrade? Thinking about a new device?  Me Too!  Stop on in to Ace Buyers. 

Why buy new or get into a new contract or agreement for high dollar?  When you Can Buy Like-New For Half The PRICE At ACE BUYERS!

Stop in and buy your next device at Ace Buyers.  Ace Buyers is always buying. which means we will most likely have what you are looking for!  Your next PC, smartphone, or tech device is waiting for you at Ace Buyers.

We stock top brands, the latest technology, Ipads, PC, Ipods, smart phones, Apple, Android, and much more!  

Music Instruments 

We offer top buying offers for quality musical instruments, and that means we have only the best in stock and always changing inventory allows us to keep prices low!

We Buy and Sell Used Instruments. We have a huge wall of musical instruments.  Ace Buyers is your go to shop for pre-owned musical instruments in Traverse City, MI!

Game Systems & Games

All of our items are test and are in top working condition, Stop Paying Top Dollar and Get Yourself a Great Deal Today!

We Buy and Sell Games or Game Systems and Game Accessories and offer these at great prices.  Come shop our wide selection and get the games and gaming systems you want for a faction of retail price. 

Speakers, Amps, And More

Check out our guitar wall and music section. 

We buy and sell a great selection of electric, acoustic, bass at the best prices you’ll see anywhere.

Offering beautiful, affordable guitars to learn on or for experienced players.  We have it all, for all ages, and talents.  We even offer guitars for toddlers.  

We stock our inventory of used instruments by buying and trading for them. Bring your instrument in today for a fair offer for cash!

Firearms & More

Ready to sell that riffle or up-grade to a new handgun?  We have the largest pre-owned firearms inventory around. 

We’re always buying firearms, handguns, riffles, and mo;re.  This keeps our inventory fresh and you’re sure to find something you like. Our selection of rifles, handguns, and shotguns is one of the best in all of Michigan.