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BREAKING: ATF Updates Form 4473 ‘NICS Check’

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE or ATF) has released a new version of Form 4473. As reported by Guns.com and Orchid Advisers, the change comes about four years after the last revision to the form and includes clarifications for medical or state-legalized marijuana use, NICS checks for some NFA items, as well [Read More]

Gun Traders Rush to Set Up New Sites After Facebook Firearms Ban

As a FFL holder Ace Buyers is not directly impacted by Facebook’s decision to remove the private sales of firearms, but we recognize many of you are. I found this blog post to be interesting and wanted to share with our customers. As proponents of responsible gun ownership Ace Buyers is happy to assist in [Read More]

Gold Price Plummets to Almost 6-Year Low

It is amazing how connected our modern economy is and how many global events affect the prices of the metals markets! Although I credit CNN with a well written article I would like to point out just one flaw… WE BUY GOLD! You can alway count on Ace Buyers to be a fair deal no [Read More]