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Pro Tips for Pawning or Selling Your Firearms

In our corner of the world guns are not just objects, but an entire subculture. Many of our neighbors spend countless hours perfecting their sport of choice. Be it hunting, target shooting, or defense there are literally millions of gun enthusiasts looking for their next firearm. As such there is a constant demand and thus [Read More]

Pro Tips for Pawning or Selling Your Bike

Over 100 million people rode a bike in 2015! With that kind of popularity, its easy to see why bikes are good business. Locally, TC has become a biking mecca in NoMi and has an especially bike friendly community. As such they are a pretty hot commodity. (At least this time of year.) There are [Read More]

Life Hack: Getting Bigger Payouts From a Pawnshop or Second-Hand Store

Do you want more money? Kind of seems like a silly question, right? Of course you do! What I am going to share with you today is so simple, anyone can do it. Although there may be slight changes from store to store these are all a pretty safe bet to put more money in [Read More]


The laws of supply and demand are universal.  There are always too many of some things, and never enough of others. Today, I am writing about the latter. I have composed a fluid list of the most requested items in our store we just can never seem to get enough of. These items are the [Read More]

Gun Traders Rush to Set Up New Sites After Facebook Firearms Ban

As a FFL holder Ace Buyers is not directly impacted by Facebook’s decision to remove the private sales of firearms, but we recognize many of you are. I found this blog post to be interesting and wanted to share with our customers. As proponents of responsible gun ownership Ace Buyers is happy to assist in [Read More]

His & Hers Sale Just In Time for Tax Refund Season

It is no secret that tax refund season has been celebrated by many as a season to splurge. It is a time when people indulge in purchases which have only been a dream the other 11 months of the year. Every year we seem to see the same trends in our customer’s. Allow me to [Read More]

Gold Price Plummets to Almost 6-Year Low

It is amazing how connected our modern economy is and how many global events affect the prices of the metals markets! Although I credit CNN with a well written article I would like to point out just one flaw… WE BUY GOLD! You can alway count on Ace Buyers to be a fair deal no [Read More]

National Pawnbroker’s Day / Day of Giving

Join us Saturday, December 5th for Ace Buyers celebration of National Pawnbroker’s Day. National Pawnbroker’s Day also known as St. Nicholas day was originally created to celebrate the generous nature of St. Nicholas, the basis of modern day Santa Clause, and the patron saint of Pawnbrokers. This year’s celebration will be a little different. We [Read More]

Holiday Stimulus Package

As the year draws to a close it is a time for family, friends, thankfulness, and unfortunately inventory! Yes, I said it. That dirty little word. The bane of every retail establishment across the USA. Year end also means one other dirty word… taxes. Now before you start gathering the lynch mob hear me out. [Read More]

We’re Growing! Will You Join Us?

We are excited to say that our little store is not feeling so little anymore! As our company has changed and improved to better meet the needs of our community we have received resounding praise from our customers. As a result we are busy! Very busy! We are looking to expand our team to best [Read More]


Welcome to Ace Buyers’ new website acebuyersmi.com! It is extremely exciting for us to be able to offer you an interesting new perspective on our operations. Our team will be working together to bring you an exclusive view of our store through this blog.  I hope that you will find this area of our website [Read More]