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Election Day Sale

The End is Near

After what feels like an eternity of political shenanigans and sideshows the big day is finally here. With two of the most polarizing presidential nominees ever representing the major parties, it is no surprise things have gotten a little heated. Facebook news feeds are filled with craziness from both ends of the political spectrum and if the memes bombarding our social media are any indication of whats to come, the world will surely end November 9th. Both sides seem quite sure that if the opposing nominee is elected we are doomed.

The Best of a Bad Situation

At Ace Buyers we try to find the best of any and all situations. SO, we are having an Election Day sale (or as I like to call it a “Holy cow! The world is ending and were all screwed sale)! We will be running large discounts throughout the store on nearly every item in the building! This includes great deals on fine jewelry, sporting goods, musical instruments and electronic gadgets and gizmos of all kinds! Vote for SAVINGS and shop with us Tuesday Nov 8th!

How to Get Free Stuff

To enter to WIN a FREE $500 SHOPPING SPREE you may enter any or all of the following waysgo-vote-500x500

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Take advantage of as many of these as possible to increase your odds! After all who doesn’t like free stuff?!?!

Get Out and VOTE!

In all seriousness, the world likely isn’t ending (at least not this week) but this election will have a huge affect on the future of our country. So please get out and VOTE for the candidate of your choosing and then join us at Ace Buyers election day Tuesday Nov. 8th, 2016 for special savings throughout the store and a chance to win BIG. Remember, it is extremely important to get out and vote! Make your voice heard! No matter who you cast your ballet for Ace Buyers will be voting to make all of you winners this election cycle!