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His & Hers Sale Just In Time for Tax Refund Season

It is no secret that tax refund season has been celebrated by many as a season to splurge. It is a time when people indulge in purchases which have only been a dream the other 11 months of the year. Every year we seem to see the same trends in our customer’s. Allow me to paint a picture…

A husband and wife (or any couple for that matter) come in with their pocket full of cash for that special, once-a-year purchase. That one big ticket item they normally would write off as just a day dream, but for today seems within reach. It never fails that the ladies always seem to find their way over to the jewelry counter, as the men drool over the guns. Eventually the guy will wander over to find his better half admiring something sparkling on her finger. They will both show off their newly found treasures to the other, subtly hinting that this is the one. Eventually the inevitable conversation of “Can I get it?” and “How much is it?” will come around.

This is where we can help! Instead of the awkward back and forth of negotiating we have made it simple. BOGO or Buy One Get One is the answer. For the rest of February you can buy ANY one item and get the second 30% off! Now this offer is only valid for VIP members, but it is incredibly easy to sign up. Just follow the link HERE¬†and fill in the appropriate info. That’s it! Now all that is left to do is get to the store and start saving!