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National Pawnbroker’s Day / Day of Giving

Join us Saturday, December 5th for Ace Buyers celebration of National Pawnbroker’s Day. National Pawnbroker’s Day also known as St. Nicholas day was originally created to celebrate the generous nature of St. Nicholas, the basis of modern day Santa Clause, and the patron saint of Pawnbrokers.

This year’s celebration will be a little different. We will still have the best prices of the season, including special discounts on almost everything in the store. We will also give away free hot coco and cookies (a big hit last year). However, this year will be marked as a day of giving.

On St. Nicholas Day Ace Buyers will donate 100% of sales to local children’s music programs. That’s right, 100%! That means if you buy an item for $100 we will give $100 worth of music equipment to the school or other local music program of your choice!

This holiday season know that for every dollar you spend on holiday gifts, you are also helping the community. The donations will be local and the instruments will go to kids in need. In today’s world more than ever there are young people in need of something positive and productive to be a part of. Don’t let the cost of an instrument prevent that! This day is not about standing in the cold at crazy hours to save a couple bucks, it’s about doing good things for those around you.

You can make a real difference in a young persons life!

So, please join us with friends and family Saturday December 5th for our celebration of National Pawnbroker’s Day and much more importantly, a day of giving.