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Holiday Stimulus Package

SantaCashAs the year draws to a close it is a time for family, friends, thankfulness, and unfortunately inventory! Yes, I said it. That dirty little word. The bane of every retail establishment across the USA. Year end also means one other dirty word… taxes. Now before you start gathering the lynch mob hear me out. It is clear no one likes either of these things.

Did you know that the IRS taxes small businesses at the maximum tax rate for any growth in inventory? Did you know that Ace Buyers is paying out more than ever for your high quality used merchandise? Did you also know that Ace Buyers is providing more people than ever with access to the instant short term cash they need? Did you also know that Ace Buyers has new easy layaway terms? As you can see, this is a recipe of a BIG tax bill and a lot of counting! We do not want to deal with either of these pesky little holiday wreckers! We also wouldn’t dream of cutting our payouts to the folks of Northern Michigan!

Here is where things get interesting. It did not take long for me to realize the key to solving this problem. Sell the stuff! Sell it so low that people come in droves! If we are going to lose thousands to the IRS anyways, why not give that to the local folks of Northern Michigan?! Why send it to Washington? This is a great opportunity to help make the holidays a little happier in our little neck of the woods! It is no secret that the holidays can be a strain on finances. We want to help that.

So, it is with great pleasure that I announce Ace Buyers Holiday Stimulus Package! As we speak, my band of merry Ace Buyers elves are marking down merchandise store wide. There are no sales, no gimmicks, just incredible prices marked clearly on every item from now on. Don’t forget, if you see something you’re looking to give this holiday season our easy and free 10-10-10 layaway plan is always available. The best deals will go fast, but we will continue to put out fresh merchandise at great prices until the warehouse is empty!